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Using our in September 2015 newly created tool, you’re now able to view private instagram profiles easily online. As Instagram is a rapidly growing platform where users can share their posts and express their feelings, it’s getting more and more popular every day. Since the acquisition by Facebook, which occured in 2012 for 1 Billion dollars, it became one of the biggest social networks worldwide.

Yet many users tend to set their profile to private. People who want to follow and see the pictures have to be approved by the person first, which leads to frustration. Sometimes, you just don’t want the person to know that you’re looking at their pictures, just because of previous relationships with them or any other different reasons. We do respect privacy – but pictures uploaded on Instagram are meant to be public. It’s just the root mechanism of any Social Network nowadays.

This is where our Instagram Private Profile Viewer comes in – a newly created tool which works with jQuery and a couple of networking functions, which allows to view private instagram photos without even having an account, or entering any. This has many advantages, as you have absolutely no risk getting discovered, unless somebody looks over your shoulder, but that’s up to you to prevent this. :)

The Private Profile Viewer works universally with any type of mobile and desktop device like Smartphones, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, etc. As long as you can browse the internet – you’re ready to bypass private instagram profiles. The reviews on the viewer website clearly state how satisfied the users are with our software. Let me elaborate you the key features of the instagram private profile viewer tool.


  • Bypass Private Instagram Profiles (Main functionality)
  • Download all private pictures/videos in a ZIP Archive (optionally, not recommended on Phone)
  • Proxy – you don’t have to worry about your privacy. Please read our Privacy Policy for the long text, our Terms of Service and if you need, Contact us.
  • Windows/OsX/iOS/Android/Linux compatible
  • New: View Instagram DM’s (beta)

Let me demonstrate you how the instagram private profile unlocker works in a video tutorial, to help you understand the exact steps which you need to take to be able to view a private instagram profile:

As you can clearly see in the video, the account is unlocked and you’re able to view the pictures. At the point of making of this video, we did not include a DM viewer, but that’s now available in the top bar of your browser once you run it. Please note, that incase you refresh the page, you need to re-use the tool, as your session is renewed then!

Alright, that’s it! Push the following button to access the instagram private profile viewer tool:

private instagram viewer

Status: Online

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